The Long Monday

by A Bad Night For A Hero

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A concept EP about a monotonus Monday that bleeds into an entire week of poorly conceived plans, excessive drinking, pandering romance, one night stands and one night nothings, leading to one terrible realization...


released August 9, 2014



all rights reserved


A Bad Night For A Hero Colorado Springs

Currently in flux, ABNFAH is a gently evolving indie baby. With acoustic and electronic music, a wider audience is targeted, and with bleeding heart lyrics, Kleenex is kept in business. Maybe a little chicken soup for your soul and/or metronomic dance disaster. As long as you're feeling something real, and it's not the urge to run to the bathroom, perhaps we can say something amazing has occurred. ... more

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Track Name: The Long Monday
What can change in a week?
Your perception of me
Use a bottle, decoder ring
To decipher me, honestly

I know I said that I won't talk about it
But I can't get you from my head
Casual dining, brushing hands, brushing legs
like we're casually intimate friends

I can change in a week
Electro-Shock therapy
Self applied, just to wake me
from mistakes, I'm mistaking
for chances I'm taking
Leave both of us shaking

I know we said that we can't talk about it
But I can't get you from my head
You said "Give me two weeks from this upcoming Monday"
But my Monday's never seem to end

So I'll see you when I see you when...
Track Name: Hey Now
How many times today?
Can I tell you that I'm better before you look away?
I'm so ashamed
Of what got into me
A bit of liquor and some questionable company?
Naw, it's just me

I've got to work on me today
I wouldn't blame you if you leave
I'd like to work this out some day
But I don't expect you'll feel the same

Hey now, if you lowered the bar
You wouldn't have to look far, I'd be the man of your dreams
Hey now, you're a beautiful girl
and you're just too smart to settle for a guy like me

I'm feeling good today, better keep this rythym going
but it's hard for me
I'm so afraid
Of what's been watching me
There's a creeper in my closet
keeping me from sleep
Among other things...

I've lost my self appointed crown
No one to blame has stuck around
I did this all to demonstrate
Nothing I want is out of reach

When I'm better I will give you a ring
But just in case, you shouldn't wait up for me
I couldn't stand to make you any more unhappy
Covered in blood and yet I'm still here stammering
After everything, after everything, after everything
It's still so funny
Track Name: Hannah
God dammit, Hannah's got a beauty unlike I've ever seen
Is there an inch of her that isn't just aesthetically pleasing
to my eyes and ears
Pleading with my heart
"No we can't stop here"

But oh no, I must have left the lights on
My brain is out this evening
The minute I see you, Hannah
Hello Hannah

I'm less coherent, more transparent
when she's talking to me
She says she likes my songs
and that's just too good for me to believe
I tried to tell her how
but everyone was watching
So I just shut my mouth
and stop myself from talking

But I think I get it now
I've gotta hand it to ya
You always got me shaking
I never got you at all

So long, Hannah
Track Name: I'm All Ready
Just take the band-aid off
I'm all ready
I've had my share of drinks
but I'm steady
I'm not exactly sure where we're going
But I know we need a night we're not lonely

I wrote this song for you
It's all ready
What are the odds
you'll actually hear it?
If you need a ride I'll leave the car running
I promise it's warm where ever we're going

You found someone
thought I was already
always your sidekick
never your steady
Together. Alone. That means never lonely
He holds you down
So who's gonna hold me?
Track Name: Take The Kill
On your shoulders, on your lips
Left some temporary gifts
Got a jacket, keep you warm
And a kiss to leave you so unsure

Just one
Just once
Maybe this is what we're looking for
That was nice
Maybe twice
Can we get one more?
Can we get one more?

Called a cab, know I'm bad
Maybe kissed you more than I should have
Just right or just me
You won't answer
You're just leaving

Four shots tearing through our composition
In the dark we took out our competition
I was greedy
I had to have my fill
We took four shots
But I took the kill

I took the kill
Track Name: Temp Tattoos (Love Letter For You, From Me)
You've asked this question a million times
And I've replied compliantly, the same zero line
You know why? Are you blind?
I am. I'll just say it

You're a pinup, pinned up on the wall of my head
with an attitude, high heels, and long 8-bit legs
I might have a problem staying out of your bed
when I'm caught between lust, love, and common respect

So keep me loose like temp tattoos
Keep me loose before you're tempted too

If Glover won't save us, we've our rock n roll
I sing first, you sing next, on the same wave we're close
You'd think we'd be perfect now wouldn't you?
Ok, maybe not, go on
I'll just say it
I'm a mess, mixed you up, got my words in your head
It's the truth
Love you, "Clinically Dead"
I'm not a doctor but like to pretend
I'm helping you more than I'm helping myself

So keep me loose like temp tattoos
Keep me loose before you're tempted too

I've got my motives, like you've got your morals
Like he knew me, like she knew me
Like I know myself
You should go

Love letter for you, from me...
Track Name: For Little Pete
It's gonna kill you
Like it'll kill me
A guilty conscience
A sinking feeling
This is for little me
because I'm empty
It's all forgettable
but worth repeating

Every little pill, every little mistake
Every open door that has got in my way
"I love you", "Come with me", "Oh, why won't you stay?"
"We never talk"
I've got nothing to say

You think I don't care, I'll always remember
You'd just be better investing time elsewhere
Than a boy in his 20's with no motivation
"Why won't she date me?"
Keyword: Validation
Obsessed with brunettes, nice breasts, and short hair
key strokes for long strokes, and queries for Google
I feel it, I want it, so why can't I say it?
"Oh god, what have I done?"
Keyword: Validation

Every little pill, every little mistake
Every open door that has got in my way
"I love you", "Come with me", "Oh, why won't you stay?"
"We never talk"
I've got nothing to say
Paying for these dates, when self love is free
I know there's plenty of it, but not enough for me
"I love you", "Why can't I?", "I need to be alone"
I'm not the me I wanted
Little Pete is gone...

Waiting for a better day
Waiting for the weekend
But it's only ever Monday
It's only ever Monday